Orlando Saturdays

Air Time Program Name
12:00 AM The Public Square
1:00 AM Turning Point
1:30 AM Moving Forward
2:00 AM Moody Church Hour
3:00 AM Love Worth Finding
3:30 AM Focal Point
4:00 AM Understanding the Times
5:00 AM Know the Truth
5:30 AM Family Talk
6:00 AM Turning Point
6:30 AM The Urban Alternative
7:00 AM Living on the Edge
7:30 AM Faith on the Field
8:00 AM The Christian Worldview
David Wheaton
9:00 AM International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
9:32 AM Daily Hope
Rick Warren
10:00 AM The Shepherd at Work  
10:30 AM Faith on the Field
11:00 AM Worship and the Word (Gateway)
11:30 AM Moving Forward
12:00 PM Real Life Weekend - Pastor Jack Hibbs
12:30 PM Point Ministries
1:00 PM Best of Afternoons with Mike
2:00 PM The Public Square
3:00 PM Best of Dave Ramsey
6:00 PM Faith on the Field
6:30 PM Voice of the Martyrs
7:00 PM Daily Hope
7:30 PM Know the Truth
8:00 PM Family Talk
8:30 PM Focal Point
9:00 PM Turning Point
9:30 PM Moving Forward
10:00 PM Moody Church Hour
11:00 PM The Urban Alternative
11:30 PM The Voice of the Martyrs