Hurricane Michael



  • Gilchrist County: Schools CLOSED Thursday. Emergency Shelter is still open at Bell School for Special Needs and General Population Shelter. Any questions can be directed to 386-935-5418.


  • Levy County: Schools CLOSED Wednesday and Thursday. Shelter opening Tuesday at Bronson Elementary School. MANDATORY COASTAL EVACUATIONS ARE IN PLACE. Please report to the shelter in Bronson if needed. For more information or questions, please call 352-486-5155 or 352-486-5576.


  • Dixie County: Schools CLOSED Tuesday-Thursday. MANDATORY EVACUATIONS ARE IN PLACE FOR HORSESHOE BEACH, JENA AND SUWANNEE.  A general shelter is at Dixie County High School 17924 SE Hwy 19 in Cross City. The special needs shelter is at the Bell Health Academy, located at the Bell Middle/High School; 930 South Main Street. For more information or questions, please call 352-498-1464.

    Sandbags are available at the County Yard, located at 149 SE 309 Street, Cross City.


    Hear our interview with Dixie County Emergency Management