S2E175 DAVID CLOSSON, Family Research Council team member, talks about his new book on Biblical Principles For Human Sexuality.

Afternoons With Mike PODCAST

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 - 53 minutes

Central Florida native DAVID CLOSSON grew up in Orlando, attended The Geneva School, got his under graduate degree from UCF, and a masters from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. He is now part of the staff at the well-know FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL in Washington, DC, where is the Director of Christian Ethics and Biblical Worldview. He is incredibly well-read, and speaks from both a policy and biblical standpoint to the issues that all believers and American citizens face. His recent book is aimed at the changes in our culture as the media continues to push the radical agenda of the LGBTQ+ in front of us all on a daily basis. His insight and biblical knowledge will encourage you as you listen to this podcast.